Posted: 17/12/07

An image of blinkbox

Here's my first embedded blink from, the new video site that allows you to watch and create your own clips from a huge stock of premium licensed content. Then you can add your own message to the front of the clip and send it to your friends (as a blink). The player is Flash-based, allowing delivery to all of the major platforms.

Watch movies online and free tv

blinkbox is still quite new, and you'll notice that the website is still in 'beta'; but the dedicated team behind it are working flat-out to introduce better and more usable functionality. There seems to be something new everyday!

People have asked what the difference is between blinkbox and site like YouTube. Well, the way I see it: movie-houses like Warner Bros. and Universal provide blinkbox with high-quality movie content like The Dark Knight, Harry Potter and Star Trek; whilst organisations like the BBC and All3media provide great TV like Shameless and Top Gear. YouTube only receives submissions from its user-base, and these submissions are typically low quality. If the content is copyright protected (like movies and tv programmes), it is also illegal for this to be distributed on sites like YouTube. blinkbox has a unique position in the online video market; as awareness of its presence increases and even more production companies partner with it, it's sure to be a dominant player.

Watch movies and TV online at Blinkbox

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