An experienced technology team leader, application developer and technical author.

My development expertise covers application development for mobile devices (iOS and Android) and browser run-times. I enjoy leading teams as much as developing dynamic and engaging experiences for a variety of devices, all while maintaining high quality code, performance and standards conformity.

My roles have provided me with the opportunity to produce high-profile interactive applications for: Egg, Prudential, Citigroup, and most recently mobile, TV and browser apps for blinkbox, Tesco and TalkTalk.

Specialties: Leading the development of rich and engaging client-side applications for iOS, Android, Silverlight and Flash, as well as browser presentation layers with built with HTML, CSS & JavaScript.

Improving the efficiency and workflow of client-side development teams by implementing Agile (Scrum), Lean (Kanban) & BDD methodologies, OO development, continuous integration, automated deployment and test automation.

A developer’s view of the world:

Mac OS find files using regex

If you want to find files of a certain type (extension) within a directory, and nested directories, the following Terminal bash command works perfectly on the latest versions of OSX: find -E . -iregex '.*.(type1|type2|type3)' -exec commandYouWantToExcuteOnTheFile {} ; This will match anything.type1, anything.type2, anything.type3 Replace "commandYouWantToExecuteOnTheFile" with the executable and attributes you want to run against each file found. {} is the notation for the selected file, so place this wherever your required executable expects the file path or -input attribute to...