Myspace link-up with BK

Posted: 03/03/07

An image of Myspace link-up with BK

2007 is already proving to be a productive year, with extensive output for Lisa Lashes and the Electoral Reform Society, and now things have taken yet another positive leap.

BK, one of the UK's most prolific dance music producers, and winner of the 'Best Producer' award at this year's Hard Dance Awards in London, has asked me to come on-board and work with him on his Myspace profile.

From the outset, a revision in the design will be undertaken, along with improved links between his and other industry profiles. Longer-term, work may include increasing online brand awareness and driving traffic to the website.

Needless to say I extremely pleased that I've been approached by Ben to undertake this work for him.

BK's Myspace

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