Nexus 7 doesn't appear in adb devices list

Posted: 28/12/12

An image of Nexus 7 doesn't appear in adb devices list

Periodically, you come up against the issue where a device connected to your computer doesn't show in the list when you type adb devices at the command line. Usually this is caused by the device driver not being installed on the computer you're connecting to, but the Nexus 7 throws up an interesting one... It appears in the Windows Device Manager as being correctly installed, but won't appear to adb.

After much playing around I eventually found out that the USB computer connection setting on the Nexus 7 defaults to Media device (MTP), which you'd assume would be the right setting for USB debugging. Wrong! Instead, you have to switch to Camera (PTP), then you'll find it shows in the adb devices list.

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