Remove redundant workspaces

Posted: 24/07/08

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After a while of using Flex Builder (or Eclipse), you end up with a load of workspaces lying around that are seldom used. When their paths are very similar, such as when you're working with different branches, this can get all the more confusing. You can, fortunately, remove the redundant workspaces, it just isn't as easy as it should be!

Open your org.eclipse.ui.ide.prefs file, that contains the paths for recently used workspaces. For Win Flex Builder users, it can generally be found at:

C:Documents and SettingsUSERMy DocumentsFlex Builder 3configuration.settings

Inside the file, browse to the line RECENT_WORKSPACES= and then remove the workspace paths you no longer need. If you remove them all, the next time you run Flex Builder, it will open in the default C:Documents and SettingsUSERMy DocumentsFlex Builder 3 workspace.

If you can't find the .settings file in the place you think it should be, open c:Program FilesAdobeFlex Builder 3configurationconfig.ini

The following line in this file will tell you where to find the settings file:

osgi.configuration.area=@user.home/My Documents/Flex Builder 3/configuration

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