Video.clear() is broken in AS3.0

Posted: 03/03/08

An image of Video.clear() is broken in AS3.0

After a few hours trying to get it to work, I've thrown my vote behind bug ASC-3115 on the ActionScript compiler bug system. Each time I call Video.clear(), only a single pixel appears to be cleared from the video container, and where the majority of the screen is black (such as the credits at the end of a movie), it gives the impression that nothing is being cleared at all. Looking at the number of participants and the lack of votes/blog posts concerning this, I'm not too hopeful about seeing a fix to this any time soon. Please go and vote for this one if you're experiencing problems!

Update: This issue is now under investigation with Adobe, but do still go and vote for it to be fixed!

Track the progress of ASC-3115

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