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Posted: 28/10/07

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I thought it was time to have a look at the schedule for this year's Flash on the Beach conference in Brighton (4th-7th Nov). Whilst the majority of the sessions look great, there are a couple of time-slots where there could have been a better mix of designer and developer sessions.

Anyway, here's my anticipated schedule for the conference:



Grant Skinner - 50 Reasons AS3 kicks-ass.

Chris Orwig - Story. Branding. Visual Design.

Keith Peters - Make Flash games. Retire Early.

John Grden - Papervision3D CS3 Component - get er' done!

Robert Hodgin - Breaking away.

Brendan Dawes - If it aint broke - break it! (Beer)


Ted Patrick - Flex and ActionScript 3 Worst Practices.

Craig Swann - Perceptive Interactions + Alternative Interfaces.

Mario Klingemann - 2D or not 2D that is the question.

Dave Yang - Mobile Flash Development.

Tink - Flashing Flex.

Joshua Davis - Dynamic Abstraction.

Erik Natzke - Beyond the Knowledge: The Art of Playing (Hopefully more beer).


Adobe - Adobe Town Hall Meeting (Banter).

Rich Shupe - Sound B(y)tes

Carlo Blatz - Optimizing Workflows with Eclipse and FDT 3.0

Branden Hall - The Nooks and Crannies of ActionScript 3

Mike Jones - Flex Application Development - Done in 60 minutes (Great time of day for this one; just as everyone's laptop batteries are low!)

Jared Tarbell - Algorithms to Fill Space

Full conference schedule

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