AJAX - The most abused term on the Internet

Posted: 05/07/07

An image of AJAX - The most abused term on the Internet

Through recent work I've been undertaking and reading articles around the web, it has become increasingly obvious to me that not only is 'AJAX' the biggest buzz-word boardroom fat-cats want to get their mits on, but it's also the most abused!

Anything where client-side task, be it document manipulation or in-line validation, appears to have been stuffed under the gigantic AJAX umbrella. It's rare that I see the AJAX term being used appropriately, and as a consequence confusion ensues. I can understand why non-technical peers use the term as an adjective, as it serves as a great descriptor, despite them wanting for a better word.

So what's the answer? I think we need to stop giving businesses and clients buzz-words like AJAX. Clients don't need to know how we achieve a specific requirement; just that we can achieve it, and we may or may not use asynchronous calls, if it's appropriate. It is our responsibility to define the technical solution to a higher-level business problem; not be prescribed a load of technologies that we MUST use.

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