ASDT and linked resources

Posted: 02/07/07

An image of ASDT and linked resources

Whilst I find working in Eclipse, using the ASDT plug-in, one of the best and time efficient ways of developing Flash applications, I'm finding the 'linked resources' issue a real bind!

Basically, I have a class path that I'd like to link dynamically to my projects, meaning I only need to maintain one class library. The problem is that ASDT doesn't seem to pick-up any class paths specified in the workspace settings, other than 'core'.

Now I could go and put my classes inside 'core' but this would then blur the separation between the Macromedia/Adobe classes, and those we've written in-house. So I'm left manually adding linked resources everytime I start a new project, rather than having this automatically configured :-(

If I find a fix for this, I'll be sure to post it.

Update: It looks as though whilst the Europa version of Eclipse and the latest version of the ASDT plug-in don't resolve this entirely; when you setup your project, you can opt to link resources like bespoke frameworks etc... Good enough for me :-)


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