Posted: 07/05/07

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Describing itself as the 'The social music revolution', I'm really interested in the site on a number of levels. First, it's a great concept. Type in what you're in to, and it'll come back and start playing this music to you, in addition, it'll suggest 'similar' stuff and start playing this for you - much like a personal radio station.

The social networking comes in when you can recommend the track to your friends, see what your mates online are listening to, or tell it never to expose rubbish like that to your ears ever again!

Loads of Ajax running around in the background, making things like the sign-up process very user friendly and a likely high 'first-time submission' success rate.

Good mark-up and layout on the front-end make this a great example of what a 2.0 site should be like... Myspace take note.


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