The book is finally out!

Posted: 24/11/11

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After what appears to have been an eternity, my book - Flash Mobile Application Development For Dummies - is now on sale! In the book I cover the start-to-finish process of building an AIR® for Android and native iOS application using Flash Professional CS5.5 and Flash Builder 4.5.

Key topics I discuss in the book are:

* Packaging apps for Android and iOS

* Using signing certificates and provisioning profiles

* Getting your app onto an Android or iOS device

* Tips on working with Apple's Human Interface Guidelines

* Hooking into the native device features (like the accelerometer)

* How to build mobile Flex apps with Flash Builder

* Different ways to test your app

* Identifying performance bottlenecks

* App store submission techniques

* New features in Flash Professional CS 5.5 and Flash Builder 4.5

The publisher has also setup a companion website for the book at

Flash Mobile Application Development For Dummies on Amazon

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