OSMF 1.6 Presentation

Posted: 17/10/11

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This Thursday (20th October 2011) the OSMF user group has the second of two presentations from Catalin (Kimi) Dobre - Adobe's Technical Leader on the OSMF and the Flash/Strobe Media Playback video player projects (FMP/SMP).

In Kimi's first presentation we learnt about the newest features in Strobe Media Playback. In this next session, we'll learn about the exciting new additions to the Open Source Media Framework in version 1.6.

So what's new in OSMF 1.6 and what will I learn at at the user group session?

- Stage Video support for hardware-accelerated video presentation (requires Flash Player 10.2+)

- DVR rolling window support, which allows you specify how far back from the live point viewers can rewind (requires the newly released FMS 4.5)

- Late-binding audio for providing viewers with multiple audio track options, e.g. additional languages, director's commentary, and “home" v. “away" coverage

- Beyond new functionality, the OSMF team continue to improve the existing core framework. In OSMF 1.6, improvements have been made to HTTP Dynamic Streaming as well as the ability to better manage bitrate profiles with multi-level manifests.

- The team have made the first major step in improving our documentation with the launch of acompletely revamped wiki for OSMF and Strobe Media Playback. Hopefully, this will make finding information and resources on specific topics easier.

The online meeting is open to all, and starts at 17:00 UTC - just follow this URL: http://experts.na3.acrobat.com/osmf/

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