blinkbox on Samsung TVs

Posted: 16/09/11

An image of blinkbox on Samsung TVs

As part of improving the access of blinkbox's extensive range of content, I've been working with the engineering team on an app that is now available to download from Samsung Apps on 2010 and 2011 Internet-enabled TVs.

The Samsung Smart TV allows content providers to distribute applications in the form of a small zipped package, containing HTML pages. When the app is launched by the user, these pages run in the TV's Maple browser, allowing us to then load in blinkbox's catalogue data. When a user finds a movie or TV episode they want to watch, we display a full-screen Flash Lite application and stream the video instantly to the user.

Some content is available through blinkbox's popular ad-supported format, where the content is punctuated with ad breaks, allowing the user to watch the content for free.

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