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Posted: 26/07/11

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After a promising launch at the MAX conference last year - and a free sign-up offer for developers - Adobe have made the decision to discontinue the InMarket product. As a proposition is sounded quite good: Submit your app - perhaps built with Flash Professional or Flash Builder - to Adobe InMarket, then it submits the app to all of the popular app stores on your behalf, also allowing you to track the progress of submissions and choose which stores to submit to. Unfortunately, the weakness of the product was the lack of app stores (other than Intel's AppUp???). The service was of no use to developers without Android Market and the Apple App Store. Pity.

Here's what Adobe said about the closure of the program:

"Thank you for using Adobe InMarket. After reviewing our efforts and based on feedback from developers, we have decided that we will deliver the most value by helping developers author and publish their apps on multiple platforms. Given this focus, we have decided to discontinue development and support of Adobe InMarket. We are going to continue to provide support for publishing to different app stores through our tooling. The recent Flash Builder 4.5 and Flash Professional CS5.5 provide support for publishing to multiple mobile platforms including Android and Apple iOS devices."

Despite the program being a failure, there was a good idea here, and I think those that conceived it understood the increasing hassle mobile app developers are exposed to in managing their app store submissions.

At the same time as this announcement, Adobe as announced the closure of the AIR Marketplace - an app store for desktop AIR applications - citing too many competing app stores as the reason.

Adobe InMarket

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