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Posted: 30/03/10

An image of blinkbox on PS3

Today blinkbox launched a new version of their website. It adds a whole load of great new UI features, such as a catalogue that is much easier to browse and search... There are so many movies and TV episodes on blinkbox now that we needed to improve the way users can find it.

In addition to this, we've launched a beta video streaming service for Sony Playstation 3 console, built on the PS3 web browser and the Flash Platform. If you point your PS3 web browser at you'll be met with a new type of UI:

We're calling this the Ten-foot UI.

The PS3 beta service allows you to watch full movies and TV episodes on your TV, instead of your computer screen - meaning many more people can enjoy blinkbox from their sofa rather than their study!

Browsing content is pretty simple.

If you're already registered on the main blinkbox site, you can use the same credentials to log-in and purchase movie rentals, or even buy an entire TV series to watch again and again (if you're really that obsessed with Friends). There is also loads of free stuff to watch on there too, if you don't mind watching the ads.

Finding something to watch is easy with the incremental search feature.

The video display and streaming is courtesy of the Flash Platform suite of technologies; targeting the PS3's Flash Player 9 with H.264 video at 3 quality levels.

The Hangover looks pretty good on one of our 50" TVs through the PS3.

If you have a PS3 at home, give our PS3 beta service a try. If you haven't seen Jack Frost 2: Revenge of the Mutant Killer it's on there to watch-free, so nothing to lose!

blinkbox PS3 user interface

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