I'm Jodie, and I'm an Interactive Application Developer; a kind of fusion between a software engineer and an interaction designer.

My work mainly sees me leading teams building rich client applications, for use on a variety of computing devices. I've worked on browser-based applications built with ActionScript and XAML/C#, desktop applications built with AIR and mobile applications for the iOS, Android and BlackBerry OS platforms.

As a strong OOP developer, I spend a lot of my time considering the best practice and design issues that present themselves during the development of large systems. I tend to sit on development teams, enabling me to work closely with the teams providing the service and client integration points.

In addition to helping engineer great apps, I'm passionate about interaction. I enjoy working closely with design teams to create the interaction cues and transitions that will best serve the end user, and ensure the success of the product. I also help to develop concepts to a level that can be presented to company thought-leaders and decision makers.

My site is somewhere for me to post my thoughts, and rants, about my daily adventures through application development.

Please note that I am not looking for a job at the moment and I won't give you information about anybody I work with. Sorry.

Adobe Certified Expert and Community Professional

An Interactive Developer’s view of the world:

ADB device driver won't install

There have been quite a few occasions where I've found Android devices won't be recognised by the ADB interface on my PC, when connected by USB. This issue is almost always because of missing or incompatible device drivers. When it happens, you'll see the connected device listed in the Other devices section of the Device Manager tree. Right-click the device and select Properties. The General tab will state "The drivers for this device are not installed". You can, however, resolve this by adding the device IDs to the Android USB driver, the Google ADB driver and then update the driver...